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UPDATE!  9/12/2016     I am going to make all of my music available for free download as soon as I get a comments section going so you all can flash or trash me as the case may be...   haha

Giving it away!   The Songs for Machines album that is...  (Well... for a while anyway :) )


Clinton Dekert says:  "One usually tries to cross-reference, categorize, define, describe, label, and pigeonhole music or art/culture into convenient boxes in effort to compare to something else relevant. It's human nature, but these are "Songs for Machines", so all bets are off. Although I am a mere mortal and not a machine, I will attempt to put it in human context.

The thing about the music of Roland Paquette is that it some how it seems to defy any attempt to do so... but I dare say subtle influences seem to range from; Queens of the Stone Age to Jethro Tull, or from King Crimson to Foo Fighters, depending how you look at it, or should I say, depending how you hear it. Even so, the music stands on it's own and only pays homage from a distance to such influences.

This body of work is well balanced, and powerfully dynamic. The songs range from crunching guitar to beautiful melody lines. The songs seem to get better with each listening. It is like a great stew with so many different spices and flavors that it's hard to identify the ingredients and yet it all works together with pleasingly tastey results. Well-seasoned home-style stew!... Or is it stone soup. Either way there is plenty of Rock in it." continue reading...

-Clinton Deckert

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